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NameAddressDate of RecordAgeGrave NumberReg
Dean, JosephWales Bank13/12/1860 12 Weeks6-18
Dean, MaryWales Bank18/4/1861 7 Months6-18
Dean, JohnWales16/1/1871 B61
Dean, LordWales24/3/1877 109
Dean, FrankWhitewell Bottom18/10/1897 1 MonthC13342
Dean, AliceMill End25/2/1901 73B649
Dean, James10 Booth Road Waterfoot13/4/1908 55B661
Dean, Samuel29 The CrescentMorecambe13/12/1915 61E28470
Dean, Mary H237 Pleasant View Waterfoot10/1/1924 57F31680
Dean, John13 Ashworth Road Waterfoot29/11/1927 71F31684
Dean, Alice Ann79 Albert Road Morecambe4/2/1933 71E284 28592
Dean, DorothyRhyl3/12/1938 6F24197