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NameAddressDate of RecordAgeGrave NumberReg
Davies (Davis), RebeccaFarmers Grove7/1/1893 64F7433
Davies (Davis), James ArthurForest Holme20/11/1895 3 MonthsF10538
Davies (Davis), BetsyWhitewell Bottom6/1/1898 52F19243
Davies (Davis), JamesWhitewell Bottom2/1/1904 64F19254
Davies (Davis), John Lord11 Fountain Whitewell Bottom10/6/1913 20 MonthsF19268
Davies (Davis), Betsy E4 Bridleway Terrace3/1/1914 14F19268
Davies (Davis), Eveline4 Lower Wales Cottages16/6/1927 27F9984
Davies (Davis), James11 Fountain5/7/1928 31F9985
Davies (Davis), Margaret11 Fountain21/6/1932 55F44291
Davies (Davis), Alexander11 Fountain12/3/1937 36F44296
Davies (Davis), John L11 Fountain14/3/1940 73F44299
Davies (Davis), Walter30 Shawclough Road Waterfoot2/3/1974 60G of R133