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NameAddressDate of RecordAgeGrave NumberReg
Edwards, Gertrude A9 Hightown Whitewell Bottom2/1/1917 65G of R131
Heys, Herbert689 Burnley Road East26/5/1926 67G of R134
Boardman, JohnBlackburn Hospital22/6/1957 18G of R117
Hey, Bessie254 Dean Lane7/11/1958 63G of R118
Clegg, WesleyBurnley Road East16/3/1962 22G of R122
Hey, EllenHuncoat Accrington28/3/1962 58G of R122
Horrocks, SamWhitewell Bottom2/6/1962 G of R122
Storey, Roderick6 Back Forest Holme Terrace17/9/1965 17G of R125
Hey, WilfredDean Lane4/12/1965 71G of R125
Heys, Ethyl MaryHargreaves Fold25/10/1967 59G of R
Heys, Alwyn177 Brownhill Ave Burnley2/1/1968 62G of R128
Hamer, Louis2 Dale Street Waterfoot5/12/1968 64G of R128
Wilkinson, MatildaCoal Clough Lane Burnley22/2/1969 84G of R129
Heys, Hannah177 Brownhill Ave Burnley7/5/1969 G of R129
Collinge, RonaldBridge Street Water9/7/1969 59G of R129
Birtwistle, WWoodland Mount11/7/1970 74G of R130
Shenton, Marshall731 Burnley Road Crawshawbooth4/8/1970 85G of R130
Lee, Frank1158 Burnley Road East13/11/1970 45G of R130
Spencer, D S3 Hightown Whitewell Bottom13/11/1970 73G of R130
Atkin (Atkins), Harry L474 Bacup Road Waterfoot22/3/1971 64G of R131
Heys, Harold2 Isle of Man Street Lumb16/4/1971 66G of R131
Lord, Jack S158 Newchrch Road Stacksteads24/6/1971 60G of R131
Cropper, Sarah Mary939 Burnley Road East23/7/1971 71G of R131
Nuttall, William1156 Burnley Road East1/8/1971 75G of R131
Collins, HarryRossendale General Hospital11/9/1972 75G of R132
Heys, Alfred T11 West Street Waterfoot1/3/1973 74G of R132
Barlow, AliceAshworth Street Piercy8/5/1973 72G of R132
Sudders, William11 Robert Street Piercy29/6/1973 72G of R132
Doyle, John P12 New Garden Fields Lumb28/8/1973 64G of R132
Hey, Arthur C9 Lime Tree Grove Rawtenstall28/8/1973 72G of R
Atkin (Atkins), Bertha414 Bacup Road Waterfoot10/11/1973 65G of R132
Atkin (Atkins), Walter F911 Burnley Road East14/12/1973 75G of R132
Davies (Davis), Walter30 Shawclough Road Waterfoot2/3/1974 60G of R133
Heap, Annie1012 Burnley Road East13/3/1974 82G of R133
Hey, Harold7 River Bank Terrace Altham9/5/1974 72G of R
Cropper, James Law939 Burnley Road East15/5/1974 79G of R133
Cooper, Lily1126 Burnley Road East5/7/1974 77G of R133
Hey, Alice9 Lime Tree Grove Rawtenstall20/1/1975 76G of R
Heys, EthelMaywood Whitewell Bottom12/4/1975 84G of R133
Muse, VeraBootle18/6/1975 59G of R133
Heys, RobertRossendale General Hospital30/10/1975 65G of R133
Birtwistle, EmmaWoodland Mount18/11/1975 76G of R133
Clegg, Cecil20 Andrew Avenue Rawtenstall4/2/1976 75G of R134
Clegg, Betsy1019 Burnley Road East15/6/1976 62G of R134
Barnes, Frank3 Piercy Mount15/6/1976 63G of R134
Atkin (Atkins), Rose L911 Burnley Road East7/8/1976 76G of R134
Muskett, MaggieBurnley Road East30/8/1976 78G of R134
Wilkinson, Bertha18 Bentham Street Burnley29/10/1976 G of R134
Storey, Robert63 Foxhill17/4/1977 59G of R135
Howorth, Ethel17A Princess Avenue2/7/1977 70G of R135
Hatton, William John, Ashes Interred at St James Waterfoor Re-interred at Lumb in 1999 when St James ClosedNew Garden Fields Lumb6/5/1978 82G of R140
Shenton, Fanny BeatriceCrawshawbooth14/12/1978 91G of R135
Hatton, Grace, Ashes Interred at St James Waterfoor Re-interred at Lumb in 1999 when St James ClosedNew Garden Fields Lumb31/1/1983 8G of R140
Heys, TomFrome Somerset24/6/1983 68G of R136
Lancaster, George AshworthForest Holme6/8/1983 84G of R137
Cunliffe, Rowland382 Newchurch Road Rawtenstall12/9/1983 56G of R136
Parkinson, Jack246 Edgeside Lane Edgeside31/3/1984 62G of R136
Heys, Harriet2 Isle of Man Street Lumb8/5/1984 69G of R136
Lonsdale, Glenice Eva935 Burnley Road East19/7/1984 84G of R136
Marshall, Martha, Formerley of LumbStonhaven Clayton-le-Moors11/9/1984 82G of R136
Noblett, Ada31 Fairhope Avenue Bare Morecambe13/4/1985 81G of R136
Falcon, MargaretStandish16/4/1985 60G of R138
Heys, John5 Brockclough Road Whitewell Bottom30/6/1985 68G of R136
Nuttall, Cyril410 Bacup Road Waterfoot3/1/1986 73G of R137
Petterson, William2 Deanfold Water16/5/1986 77G of R137
Hey, Sarah5 Astley Gardens Freckleton25/9/1986 72G of R
Whittaker, Dorothy40 Dean Lane25/11/1986 85G of R137
Heys, AliceFrome Somerset26/3/1987 77G of R137
Kearns, Jane Alice2 Somerset Close Oswaldtwistle12/9/1987 67G of R137
Nuttall, Doris7 Glenborough Avenue Stacksteads13/9/1987 60G of R137
Brown, LucyMoorlands Home Clowbridge9/4/1988 82G of R137
Sudders, AdaRobert Street Piercy8/10/1988 90G of R137
Horrocks, Mary AnnWhitewell Bottom23/10/1988 74G of R137
Woodall, BessieIsle of Man Villas Lumb7/4/1989 86G of R137
Pritchard, Mary Ann941 Burnley Road East9/7/1989 83G of R138
Taylor, Agnes Ethel1150 Burnley Road East21/7/1989 66G of R138
Payne, George Felix17 Haworth Ave Rawtenstall15/9/1989 54G of R138
Heys, Alice11 West Street Waterfoot15/10/1989 91G of R138
Spencer, Reginald3 Hightown Whitewell Bottom26/11/1989 91G of R138
Heys, FredStamford House Waterfoot30/11/1989 71G of R138
Pollard, HarryKirk View Waterfoot7/4/1990 79G of R138
Pickup, Stanley5 New Garden Field Lumb21/9/1990 79G of R138
Collinge, Maggie3 Bridge Street2/10/1990 81G of R138
Pearson, Thomas William557 Burnley Road East6/11/1990 69G of R138
Clegg, Alan4 Ashworth Street27/12/1990 69G of R138
Hamer, Evelyn14 Peersclough Road12/2/1991 G of R138
Pollard, HettyBurnley Road East3/4/1991 84G of R138
Goodwin, Marjorie12 Holt Street Waterfoot17/8/1991 62G of R139
Whittaker, RolandHest Bank17/10/1991 84G of R139
Clegg, Harry5 Forest Street Lumb24/10/1991 74G of R139
Heys, RoseBrockclough Road Waterfoot29/1/1992 71G of R139
Parkinson, William2 Hargreavesfold Lane Lumb2/3/1992 77G of R139
Heys, Martina, (Tina)Stamford House Waterfoot3/4/1992 74G of R139
Whitbread, Jack, Fanny's Husband3 Lord Street Stacksteads25/5/1992 71G of R139
Whittaker, EllaTurf Cote Haslingden1/7/1992 82G of R139
Barnes, Ethel689 Burnley Road East26/12/1992 78G of R139
Driver, Doris, Ashes 24-6-1894Canada Crabtree Buildings Whitewell Bottom1/2/1993 G of R139
Hamer, Doris52 Booth Road8/7/1993 89G of R139
Dennis, ClaraLate of Graver Weir22/8/1993 87G of R139
Goodwin, Eric12 Holt Street Waterfoot8/9/1995 72G of R139
Lee, Mary1028 Burnley Road East12/9/1995 73G of R139
Groves, Jane862 Newchurch Road Stacksteads22/3/1997 86G of R140
Parkinson, EdithMerthyr Tydfil30/5/1997 73G of R140
Lord, GeoffreyRockcliffe House Bacup30/12/1998 68G of R140
Hatton, Elsie, died 20/9/80 ashes Interred at St James Waterfoor Re-interred at Lumb when St James closedNew Garden Fields Lumb20/1/1999 56G of R140
Whitbread, Fanny, Jack's WifeHigh Field Hall (Formerly Stacksteads)24/3/1999 79G of R140
Hey, Fred, Husband of SarahVictoria Hospital Blackpool19/3/2000 87G of R
Barnes, VeraWhitewell Bottom11/8/2000 84G of R140
Parkinson, Ronald C, DCMMerthyr Tydfil29/9/2000 77G of R140
Newland, MaryRoselands Rawtenstall7/1/2001 92G of R140
Davidson, ElsieGreenmeadow Newchurch13/2/2002 80G of R141
Whittaker, Edith Mary11 Crag Bank Carnforth4/4/2002 87G of R141
Collinge, Janet A.T.5 Fairholme Lane Burnley31/8/2002 44G of R141
Petterson, MonaForest Holme3/9/2002 94G of R141
Thornber, Janet A C5 Fairholme Road Burnley29/9/2002 44G of R
Kearns, JamesLlandudno3/5/2003 85G of R142
Pritchard, William941 Burnley Road East18/11/2004 93G of R141
Parkinson, RhodaFormerly of 2 Hargreaves Fold4/2/2005 90G of R141
Falcon, Gordon LeslieLetterston Pembroke25/2/2005 80G of R141
Cropper, Florance Rose14 New Garden Fields Lumb15/8/2009 84G of R
Cropper, Jack14 New Garden Fields Lumb16/10/2009 84G of R
Duncan, Kathleen Mary20 Windsor Road, Lytham St Annes7/8/2013 87G of R142
Sharp, William Henry8 Peers Clough Road24/5/2014 94G of R142
Woodhouse, Joyce MAshlands Nursing home, Waterfoot5/10/2014 88G of R142
Duncan, Peter Reid20 Windsor Road, Lytham St Annes23/10/2014 94G of R142
Davies, Arnold29 Hillcrest Avenue, Cliviger3/12/2015 88G of R142
Pearson, WilliamAthens, Greece24/5/2016 69G of R142
Taylor, MauriceBacup Road, Waterfoot10/6/2018 92G of R143
Cropper, StanleyPeers Clough Road21/12/2019 82G of R143